Young Justice: Invasion #19 — Unimpressive Villainy

March 9th, 2013


Needed Disco Lantern.

Don’t forget, daylight savings tonight, which Japan doesn’t ‘celebrate,’ therefore everything airs effectively an hour later… not that that really matters much for Sunday’s shows since they just move from pre-dawn on a Sunday to the crack of dawn.


Certainly action packed at the very least, so that was nice, but the strains of having so many balls in the air and trying to wrap everything up in two episodes were still… unpleasantly rushed, to put it minorly, and mostly came out in the form of an increasingly inane info dump featuring all manner of strange things pulled straight out of Aqualad’s Mariana Trench. I think my favorite part of it was how they just completely handwaved over the Light being involved at all. "They lured the Reach here to yada yada conquer the galaxy." And then they all flew away on the War World for the never-coming next season. WRITING! Especially coming off the tail end of GL’s lead-in to its finale; megalomaniac robot A tearing megalomaniac robot B’s head in half with robot B’s own corpse (which robot A has been flying around destroying star systems in) before jetting off to unmake the universe. The Light’s villainous plan to unpoison Snapple and then fly away fails to impress.

Actually, it’s best to probably just overlook all the little stuff in the episode. Like how over half of Team Ninja were actually good guys in disguise. Or Aqualad’s pithy speech about villainy that I guess was supposed to be the culmination of him being him for the season. Or where the actual Deathstroke went. Or any expectation of the team showing up being a surprise when they began the whole thing with "This is a super important meeting between eeeevils. By the way, we put the double agent in charge of security. Cool, everyone?" Or perhaps the biggest twist, after an entire season faffing around about how they couldn’t ever prove anything, someone remembered to wear a wire.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • CucarachaEnojada says:

    Ninjas,evil guys betraying evil guys,to take over the world/galaxy plans,big bad dudes with deep voices…

    I love the old school stuff.

  • jingoi says:

    Yay, innuendo from KF & Artemis. MM messing with Fishke Uchiha’s head, don’t touch guys like that unless you want more romantic bull$***. Good ol YJ.