Young Justice: Invasion #18 — It’s Magic!

March 2nd, 2013


We need to explain it at length.


Ugh. This episode was pretty much a parade of almost everything that this show does to annoy me except for perhaps having the Dick try to make wacky catchphrases about whelming. Unconvincing remains the word of the day too. They spend entire major chunks of episodes having Dick growl at the TV screen, investigate, wander around, glare at Tim's toys, etc, just for it all to be wrapped up with a pretty little bow an "I'm absolutely sure this time." Hell, I don't even know how or why the enemy grunts were just hanging around in ancient ruins if they were just going to throw the fight anyway. Do they not know how to use bureaucracy? The Scarab purposefully throwing the fight was about the only thing that was actually weaved well into the episode, and even that should have probably gotten a little more focus than just acting a little clueless and red tapey.

Seriously though? Some random ancient spell just solves all the Beetle crap? You know what? Whatever. That, Hello Megan's relationship hour, The Light's "Ha ha, all according to plan" in the last 5 seconds, the long and inane stillfest flashback explaining secret behind the scenes research into goddamned everything important that has supposedly been going on for months just in case something like this ever happened… Weissman, come on, man. You're better than this. Or did you give up when CN started jerking you around?

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  • jingoi says:

    yay, MM dumps fishsticks to go make more annoying crapmance with Superfan who’s unavailable. Why is abc family touching DC?