Vividred Operation #11 — Friendship Power Ho!

March 21st, 2013


Why was it necessary for them to have pictures of her naked?

Also, I’ll get to Vassalord probably this evening although maybe sooner. I’ve got stuff to do.


Ah yes. Their friendship with this person they’ve hung out with around three times is such that it’s worth charging in and rescuing her just to see her again. Actually, I’m not even sure if anybody was going to stop them them from simply walking in to see her, but hey, we had to fabricate some melodrama from the episode, and you know, after Rei took out dozens of the little robo bots by herself with no super powers, it’ll be super extra exciting to ‘see’ three super powered people fight them offscreen while Akane overcomes her most difficult challenge yet, reinforced glass.

I’m also not entirely certain why the crow has been dicking around with Lesbian Black anyway if it can just eat her and instantly turn into a giant monster. Why was this not like… Plan A instead of Plan… uh… J? They’ve been practically on top of the magic science plant before, and NOT right in front of all the super powered people already transformed and ready to fight. Not to mention why have a specific number of decrementing feathers if we’re just going to cut things off with three to go? Sigh. WRITING.


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anon says:

    Well, perhaps the Last 3 shoots was there for the slim change of “life on” as Anime.. But perhaps the last Hope got crushed, and now they going to go all out

  • Crisu says:

    …….. Did not expect her to get /eaten/ …

    I still want to see a Vividblack docking before the end of all this. Maybe those remaining arrows can be used for boosting the good guys? I don’t recall if they were exclusively for the Alone; maybe they represent Rei’s hopes and dreams.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    Admit it, everyone, you all laughed when Rei got eaten. It looked nonsensical.

  • someone says:

    I haven’t watched this at all, so what’s been the point to this series, other than ass-shots of the girls in short shorts? Is there any story whatsoever? And do not give me any smart-assed answers, cause they don’t help.

    • moridin84 says:


      Or do you consider that a smart-assed answer? Cause I don’t know what answer you are expecting

  • someone says:

    Entertainment sounds like a good answer to me.