The UNLIMITED #10 — Talking Watches

March 11th, 2013


That was the most interesting part of the episode.

I made it about three minutes into the girly OVA that supposedly has the selling point that eventually a bunch of guys obsess slightly more than usual the generic wallflower. So… yeah. I fell 27 minutes short of finishing it out of sheer boredom.


This episode opened with Kyousuke sinking into the water when his pocket watch began talking to him in his father’s voice. That was not a particularly promising sign, and yet, somehow, it was all downhill from there. It’s impossible to buy Gun Haver as the ultimate villain, and angsty brooding Kyousuke and moralistic speeches to him about revenge are also moronic at best. I think my ‘favorite’ horrible part of the episode though had to be "He’s going to die and has been since the start of the show. Well, there is one way to save him, but I can’t say it’ll work. …He’s perfectly fine again!" Remove the cutaway between those sentences and the whole thing lasted less than a minute. Huzzah.


Quick. Send the entire super-terrorist group against one guy with a gun.

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