Senran Kagura #11 — “By The Way, My Tragic Past Is…”

March 17th, 2013


Ah, flashbacks.


After a while, it was just kind of a joke. Every single member of Team Snake except Homura had to spit out how bad their past was out of bloody nowhere. Quick spar, flashback to being sad, cut away from them for the rest of the episode, then gt spanked by Team Good Guy after Hibari’s speech. Every single one of them. That’s quite some dedication to the formula. Again though, it’s not like they dwelled on them long enough to get overly obnoxious about it, but like every other hamhanded flashback in this show, it’s jarring, pointless, and is integrated about as well as a post-it note attached out of general obligation rather than any attempt at actual characterization. I think the phallic tank cannon hidden under the dress did a better job of that.

It was better than most episodes though. Still, I’ve long since resigned myself to this show not having any kind of climax or enough focus in the right place to make anything actually cool. Even if it did, it’d probably center around Hibari, whose only point continues to be being very pink and whiney. She did a spectacular job in the latter third of the episode bringing anything that could have going well to a complete and utter stop. Great work as usual, Hibari.



Wait. Am I supposed to know who that guy is?

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  • Mesousa2877 says:

    Eh, I think the flashbacks did their job.