Senran Kagura #09 — Needless Use of a Horse Bit

March 3rd, 2013


Oh boy, a Hibari episode.


I guess we’re in a holding pattern while we wait for the episodes to run out. Or if this isn’t going to be the big final thing since Asuka’s still hanging out there waving in the wind, then maybe it’s just the first in a bunch of very dull setup episodes for the ending since next week appears to have absolutely nothing to do with anything that happened this episode. Hell if I know what they’re even doing. Hibari ‘defects’ to snakeville and… uh… that’s it. They size her up like the useless piece of meat that she is and Haruka lounges around in baths and towels. Yagyuu also gets upset about it. That’s pretty much all that happened.

I know I’ve said that the show needs to focus better, but that only works if you actually do something with it. Also, Hibari is just about the last character in the entire oversized (in multiple ways) cast that needs a spotlight shined or her complete and utter lack of personality. Her defining traits are being useless, being squeaky, and being the plaything of other girls. Two out of those three annoy me 100% of the time and the other was marginalized.


Ignoring Hibari completely to do something else.

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    This week they finally met her.