Problem Children #09 — Twizzlers

March 8th, 2013


Because lord knows there’s nothing worthwhile to talk about in this episode.

Young Justice will almost certainly be late tomorrow since I need to be up briefly very early which likely means in turn that I’m unplugging the alarm clock when I finish my stuff and going back to sleep until the afternoon.


Here’s a great idea. Let’s just bring everything to a stop, put almost all the characters around the table to talk, and then with two minutes left in the episode, do the exact same thing as last week… but at night! And with a mech! That fell into Asuka’s lap because how else is she going to stop feeling sorry for herself than by overcompensating by having a robot? This episode was literally nothing but them hitting the pause button for a twenty minute talking head interlude just to go right back to where they were at the start of the episode with the characters slightly shuffled around. One can only hope that the big finale next week involves an actual goddamned fight, but I realize that I’m probably asking too much of this show.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Flood says:

    Character bonding episode… which means someone is going to die next week.

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    mmmm Pest would make a good addition to the loli meido harem.

  • Marina2 says:


    How can you saying this ep. is nothing??? Are you only care about action scene and if it not action scene = nothing???

    I think the conversation in this ep. is interesting to listen. It shows that authoris creative in his writing. I like the part where Izayoi discussed with You about what is fake legend. Author really knows how to connect story and true event together.

    This ep. also show how the system in Little Garden work. Even if you are Demon lord, you have to follow the rule and listen to the judge master LOL. It is interesting to see the negotiation between bad guys and good guy, trying to create the best rules for both side.

    One thing I want to talk, [Gift game] system is what prevents Izayoi from do everything by himself. The rules of [Gift game] prevents him from winning everything by just beat the big boss with force. It should be noted that most of gift games thrown by big boss so far weren’t simply as [Just come to beat me and you win]. He has to cooperate with other characters to win the game.

    With those reasons. even if he is overpowered, he doesn’t standout too much from other characters and other characters are not useless. (Unless you only judge the their usefulness from ther ability to fight.)

    Sorry for long post~