Problem Children #08 — Suggestive Things to Do With Flutes

March 1st, 2013


Please stop stroking it.


I think someone in the writer’s room went "Oh crap, there’s only three episodes left." As usual, the budget kept things from actually being as cool as the jazz in the background would suggest, especially for Kasukabe’s competition at the start. I’m not even honestly certain why it existed except perhaps to shoehorn in a loss for her alongside Asuka’s last week so they can ‘overcome’ their inner demons or whatever for the climax. It’s tremendously unconvincing at any rate.

After that, we shift jerkily right into what’s apparently going to be the last bosses of the show’s run. Credit to Izayoi, it was nice to see him just start punching people in the face as they were arriving, even if he immediately got stuck in the side of a wall for the rest of the episode. Well, and then he (and everyone else) spent the rest of the episode talking at each other, but it was a brief, fleeting moment of hope before the talking heads devoured the last five minutes. Alas.

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