Nanoha A’s Take Two — Won’t Somebody Think of the Cat Girls?

March 21st, 2013


Interesting how much it changes without them.


Ah yes. What perfect timing right on the heels of ranting about being tired of rehashing things. This thing does clock in at two and a half hours, which is practically half the series to begin with, and once you cut out the cat girls and an entire fight, you’re practically down to your time limit right there.

Anyway, I think that they did a worse job this time around and cut some stuff they shouldn’t have while leaving way too much of other things. The lack of Tuxedo Mask helping fill out the Book of Darkness evil CG snaketopus really did a number on how things progressed in the middle, especially the lack of the fight where the Volks started getting really desperate and needed Zechs Merquise to save them. That and the book just eating them because it’s evilly evil instead of the Phantom of the Opera ganking them. This version doesn’t do a particularly good job selling either their desperation or the tension of what was going on through the middle. Likewise, a lot of the pseudo-brutality of early events was lessened by Nanoha (and Fate) simply getting beat in rather pedestrian fashion instead of the big jarring visceral hand through the gut when she’s just about to come through and save the day. That, uh… frames things quite a bit differently.


At the same time as that was all compressed though, the ending fight against Big-Rein was far too stretched out, especially the Fate/Priecia portions. They were silly enough to begin with, and certainly not something that needed to be I think actually lengthened in digest movie form. The epilogue was also a bit much. When they hit the climax and were about to start with all the fireworks, there were still bloody 35 minutes left. Not that this incarnation of "giant evil random thing" did anything even vaguely menacing here either while they all took turns hitting it, but hey! I guess that’s just as silly as the original. Regardless, all that time afterward spent on Chrono’s cougar harem, montaging, and expositioning could have been better spent in the middle building things up. Or on cat girls rubbing things on other things. You know. Whichever.

It’s not bad by any means, but the original series was quite excellent in a number of ways and a movie budget didn’t really benefit it that much. At least it did have a movie budget and some actual action animation, something I’m not sure I’ve seen from anime much lately, although I guess with the movie delays, it probably doesn’t count. While the first movie did a good job cutting out a whole whole lot of the chaff from the first series, this did a much worse job of that and it overall suffered quite a bit for it.




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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Eric says:

    Holy hell, did the first series have a ton of filler. Kinda sucks that this one apparently couldn’t figure out how to cut the series in ~half, but I don’t recall quite as much filler. Also, why would they remove the hand through the gut? That was one of the best parts!

    • Yue says:

      Well if you try wiggling around with that hand sticking
      out your gut, it would be more disturbing.

      If it happens to me, I’ll grab it and never let go. Be
      creative enough and you can make that hand do sexy things.

  • They were off-model on this one:
    Fate is 10 years old; she’s not that tall, and she doesn’t have hips like that.

    • Haseo88 says:

      You guys did mention about lack of masked guy in disguise, Aria Liese and Lotte Liese but forget to mention about Gil Graham is removed as well!

  • sage says:

    The lack of Hentai Kamen

    Fixed that for you.

  • Anonymous says:

    >>especially the Fate/Priecia portions.

    Oh fuck yes someone that points out how overdrawn and filler-ish that part was.

    And removing the conspiracy part seriously makes all the parties involve look a lot dumber, I mean waaaaaay dumb. At least the original conflict has the excuse of being manipulated by a third party instead of people suddenly going full retard.

    I can just imagne the trainwreck if Strikers ever become a movie.