Love Live! #10 — OCD and You

March 10th, 2013


Weren’t they supposed to be saving their school or something?


I was just being a little snarky last week with the comments about running down the checklist of generic crap to check off, but apparently I was dead on. Blatant time wasting episode featuring a trip to the palatial beach estate that one of every group of Japanese friends is required by law to have, complete with hot spring filled with creepy steaming green liquid. I suspect that it’s pistachio pudding. Or maybe colored by the skin that the Japanese females sloughs off when it’s time to shed their skin.

What mainly stood out to me this week was their uncontrollable obsession to form into straight lines whenever they gathered. You just know that one of them absolutely had to move the table and couches all the way just so they had something approaching a rectangle of futons. And it probably drove them crazy that it wasn’t a square. Of course, nobody could sleep on the couches. Those were literally stacked with pillows for some reason. In short, yes, I was bored.


Concert in the rain for extra drama and learning that it’s friendship that really mattered all along.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Kusano says:

    The absence of loud and awkward bgms made this week episode a lot more enjoyable than past 2 or 3 episodes lol.