Gargantia #01 — Disembodied Talking Heads

March 31st, 2013


Holy hell. Shut up.

As mentioned, the first two episodes were released at a festival. It actually starts airing next Sunday, so episode 3 will be on the 21st.


You know, I’m not a huge fan of in medias res, but would it really kill Japan to begin with something other than an info dump? Good lord, the first five minutes were exposition and staring at screens. Then when the battle against space flowers and space snails began, what did our stunning, awesome protagonist do? Have himself an existential internal monologue. Sure, dude. It’s not like there are lasers firing or or a battle going on. It’s time to sit back and have a good long think about life. And maybe it’s just coming off of LWA, but your CG does not impress me, least of all bad laser effects blipping around. Don’t get me wrong, it was a magnitude or more better than, say, Vividred’s "lasers fired from just off screen by CG toasters" schtick, but since I’m not high and at the planetarium, I’m not feeling very kindly to "CG things mostly drifting around with a laser light show plastered on top."

So then he crashes on his strange new world, people begin prodding at his mech with him still inside it. Things are about to pick up, right? Wrong! It’s time to listen to two goddamned straight minutes of his computer lecturing him. Good god. Even when he decided to grab a girl and run, complete with patting her ass with his gun because why the hell wouldn’t he, the damn robot would not shut the hell up. Or stop showing bad CG renditions of hallways. This is not how you create the mystique of a strange new world. Or create tension. Or do goddamned anything but give a lecture. Not that the music ever stopped flaring in wonderment as we listened to the endless stream of exposition. Christ, I think if you removed his AI, then the episode would have been only 10 minutes long and 4 of those would have been space flowers drifting around.

And then he’s defeated by his one weakness, a chipmunk to the face. I guess we’ll see if anybody manages to gag the damned AI in episode two!

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  • slicendice says:

    Purty space colors…

  • algorithm says:

    No porn Naruco. What’s the point?

  • The Phantom says:

    This is definitely not my kind of show, I may give it a few episodes more to see if it improves though.

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