Vividred Operation #08 — Our Plan: Sit Here, Do Nothing

February 28th, 2013


Why was that both sides’ plan?

Just for the record, the reason this is delayed is because the broadcast was pushed back an hour and a half due to baseball. Sasami’s broadcast was delayed two hours for the same reason. Amusing, Kotoura was delayed about 2.5 hours, but that didn’t stop CR from putting it up two hours before it was actually broadcast! Simulcasting! Everything will be delayed next week too.

I briefly considered making a post for the Science People OVA, but true to its staff, it combined the worst parts of everything Hoods has every touched, resulting in a grotesque cacophony of fist-sized nipples spraying milk all over the streets within the first 90 seconds. I flipped forward, and the only thing that was different is that there were more of them somehow. I still have Wolf Children sitting around, but I also have the preternatural ability to fill any significant spare time with work to be done, so finding a two hour open chunk to watch it is apparently not happening any time soon.


I, uh… feel like we missed something here. After Akane got shot down, they just decided to all ignore the dumbbell monster and rush her to the hospital, whereupon the super dumbbell turned into a cocoon and then got another power up to become a giant moth, which was defeated honestly relatively easily considering that the main problems were "has a barrier" and "is a cocoon", both of which it abandoned when it hatched into its ultimate form, ten times weaker than its last. They didn’t even have any new power ups or anything unless you count Les Blue wearing Les Red’s jets. Oh, and Les Red has the power of super medical science and was completely fine by the end. Also, telepathy.

But that’s just the ‘high’ points of the episode. Most of it was talking heads faffing around about how totally utterly serious things are and how nobody can ever replace Les Red’s ability to fuse with other lesbians, but they need to not let the world be destroyed by… a pulsating CG blob on the side of a building. Ow. Did I really just summarize the entire first 18 minutes? Nobody can accuse the show of moving too fast at any rate.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    “I briefly considered making a post for the Science People OVA”
    If you’re this desperate, got any interest in this year’s Anime Mirai projects? Death Billiard in particular looks fairly promising.

  • jingoi says:

    still looking for kagaku na yatsura….butt service operation doesn’t matter..

  • ark noir says:

    If these were my daughters, I’d rather have them clothed in the power rangers uniform than the school one.

  • Flood says:

    This series is just getting too grim for no reason.

    The fun, the frivolity, the illusory labia majora… it’s nearly all gone. Why does everything have to become “dark & heady” as some means to justify it as a serious work of philosophical dissertation?

    Stupid clouds.