Vividred Operation #07 — Attack of the Dumbbell

February 21st, 2013


The most ferocious monster yet.


Another not terribly interesting episode. Almost the entire first half alone is Les Black bouncing around from one character to the next, wondering in frustration about why everyone’s being friendly to her… despite acting that way herself to random children and animals she finds on the street. Not that I’d argue with her that Akane isn’t strange, but pick whether you want to be her a confused Vulcan who has never known friendship before, or the lonely empath with love for all God’s creatures. Oh, and again, apparently led a regular life up to some point anyway before mommy and daddy got roasted.

Anyway, once again, Google comes to her rescue and gives her a reason to hang out with them and find their fridge vegetable. From there, we move to the city being attacked by a magnetic dumbbell while Les Blac has tomato-induced traumatic flashbacks. I’m really starting to think that there’s something to the theory of "These monster designs are based on whatever the animators have on their shelves." Then the usual generic "everyone does one attack before transforming again and one shotting it." With the special twist that it wasn’t dead yet and then shot Akane for super dramatic cliffhanger. How convincing. 


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One Lonely Comment

  • Kefit says:

    The post-credits bit with Momo made me laugh out loud. It’s almost like they expect us to be capable of worrying about the main character’s fate when we’re only halfway through the series.

    Though killing Akane and getting her god awful seiyuu out of the show would be a step in the right direction.