The UNLIMITED #08 — Starry Skies

February 25th, 2013


They really liked that shot this week, didn’t they?


Unexciting and unfulfilling end to this flashback within a flashback that also included a flashback within the flashback within the flashback. Now I feel bad for making fun of Senran Kagura yesterday. And I have absolutely no idea how this was at all relevant to Andy’s little ‘betrayal’ either. Hell, they didn’t even really connect his origin story to the Magneto-esque goals in any way unless you want to really really stretch and say it’s because someone shot him in the head, therefore all normals must die. Right after showing everybody coming together in crunch time too, so one message flows right into the next! Oh, but they flashed over everyone else being killed in various grisly fashions in a half second blur. Maybe we should have reversed the focus there, eh, Manglobe?

At least the music was obnoxiously loud.

And just kidding. I don’t feel the least bit of guilt for making fun of Senran Kagura.



Oh, are we going back to events in progress?

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  • algorithm says:

    In the meantime there was no flashback in the lastest DT. And things got pretty sick during the princess’ first wedding night.