Senran Kagura #08 — The Matryoshka Doll of Flashbacks

February 24th, 2013


Ah, flashbacks. Why are there so many of you and yet you accomplish so little?


Oh. Apparently it’s time for flashbacks to when each of them joined up and how they learned to be friends. Why? Who knows! And the only thing better than a pointless full episode flashback are flashbacks within flashbacks. Once you’ve gone that deep, you might as well go whole hog, then again, I don’t understand why this show does a lot of things that it does. Like why they don’t just sketch over some gameplay videos for ‘animating’ fight scenes. Lord knows that the inability to program a working camera would fit perfectly with the already nonsensical direction, to say nothing of other… things… the game apparently does. I’m finding the random nonsensical things it advertises each week to be more amusing than what the show’s doing.

But anyway, again, flashback episode and a particularly pointless one at that. I really have absolutely no idea why the first… uh… 18 or so minutes exists. It eventually gets a little more relevant at the very very end, but only so far as to foreshadow the big bad a little more and the cliffhanger that the earring Hibari was left with is now controlling her brain. If such things/techniques existed and were being used by students, you’d think she wouldn’t have kept it around, but then again, Hibari hasn’t proven herself to have a particularly high capacity for using cognitive thought.



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  • ZakuAbumi says:

    But. Aroduc. You wouldn’t understand all those characters if not for specifically dedicated spoonfeeding segments. They are, uh, complex and their actions are hard to interpret. Or something.