Senran Kagura #07 — Rocks Fall; Time for Flashbacks

February 17th, 2013


Being crushed by rocks and attacked by giant cave rats apparently brings out daddy issues.


Nothing really notable here except for its slavish devotion to its checklist. Random buzzing pretending like there’s some manner of actual plot? Check. Slimy animals shoved into clevage and our entangling them? Check. ‘Meaningful’ flashback out of nowhere which will then be immediately ignored again? Check. Them all stripping and splashing around in water? Check. Half-assed fight that was 50% speedlines? Check.

Anyway, they go ‘hiking,’ which was anything but actual hiking and mostly just more random wilderness training where I’m not sure they actually learned a bloody thing. Pretty much the entire middle portion could have been transposed into amost any other episode as far as its relevance to anything and/or utter genericness goes. Just the usual quasi montage. The show’s never going to find the focus that it so badly needs.

And what is with this season and changing up the ED? Is there a national shortage of CD singles that they’re trying to deal with?


Katsuragi wears slightly more clothes than usual.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • giuvigiuvio says:

    I don’t know if Katsuragi in a sumo suit was supposed to be funny or cater to some obscure fetish the makers thought the fans might have…

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    “where I’m not sure they actually learned a bloody thing.”
    Rivers are dangerous. Snakes are dangerous. Giant monster cats are dangerous.
    Also, Piranha’s are freakin’ sex offenders.
    It’s called “learning by doing”, Aroduc. You wouldn’t know that sexual molestation by tiny, slimy animals isn’t as pleasant as one might think if you didn’t experience it yourself beforehand.

    “The show’s never going to find the focus that it so badly needs.”
    Sushi rolls.
    Although they omitted that part this time. Fuck.

  • Anonymous says:

    I still can’t help laugh at deciding to watch THIS over maoyuu if you’re one to complain about stupidity in anime. titty ninja parade isn’t what I’d call the basis of brilliant TV.