Sasami Yada Yada #05 — Not Lesbian Enough

February 7th, 2013


Either mount her earlier or mount her harder.


Welp, this one breaks the trend of every other (odd-numbered) episode having some kind of extremely flashy action sequence, leaving mostly just the distance shots and a large numberof closeups of eyes. Well, they did sort of half-ass some stuff at the start, but I’d be surprised if after being strung all together, it was over 30 seconds. Instead, it’s entirely about Kagami and Sasami, two characters that have about as much chemistry between them as a ten pound lead ingot and a labradoodle. Sasami wants a friend, and the robot is a robot. There were even crumbled up "Best Friend" tickets involved, so you can pretty much guess from just that how things go, without even the usual Japanese flair for overcommiting to girl-girl relationships and making them all amusingly bisexual. They also had the bad taste to use an obnoxious synth during the ’emotional’ reconciliation scene immediately followed up by a horribly sung duet ED, so you know… fantastic work on the music at the end there, guys.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kitsu says:

    Lesbian enought to me!

  • algorithm says:

    Well, at least the last third was good.