Sasami Doesn’t Try #06 — Mother Issues

February 14th, 2013


Well, she’s at least more effective than her father.


Well, they’re keeping up the trend of the even numbered episodes being mostly cheap as hell, which means that I basically slept through the first 12 minutes or so. Sasami meets a moron and hangs out with her. Said moron happens to also be her dead mother, but until that point is revealed (well, the first half of that at any rate), it’s the same boring time filling nothingness as usual. Even after that, it’s only about 90 seconds of some effort put into the style, but still not escaping the endless talking heads from either a distance or entirely too close up.

It was significantly improved in the second half though and maybe she could be the antagonist to provide the show a little actual direction which it has been badly lacking for the amount of huffing and puffing it does over how important everything is every single episode. Buuuuuuuuut spending the first 15 minutes making her nothing more than a talking head and half a joke has a way of undercutting most of the menace factor you were going for, to say nothing of giving lectures about weaponry in the middle of fighting. It is a try at least for something the show badly needs, it’s just not a very convincing one.

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  • algorithm says:

    They are once again struggling with the budget. I could say the second part made up for the intense boredom I felt during the first one but thinking back I’ll only remember the bore so let’s not.