Joshiraku #14 — Timin’

February 9th, 2013


Okay, that’s enough Jimmy Jones for the morning.

Extra episode sold with the latest volume. I’m getting to Young Justice. I slept in so my morning schedule’s all messed up.


The first and second parts were extremely underwhelming, as is usual for the show. Or at least what I remember as usual. The first part was about timing, as in not laughing in the wrong places, or grunts attacking super heroes in the middle of their hero speeches, etc. That’s pretty blood low hanging fruit and never really advanced beyond the most basics. The travel segment they went off to a publisher, and yoyu know how I love it when shows get all self-referential.

The third part wasn’t that much better, but it did manage to at least get a little weirder as it messed with styles, giving Kigu permanent surprise lines with corny sound effects (which sadly I’m sure would be used wholly unironically elsewhere), and Dirty Red took the floaty pink bubbles. Unfortunately, most of the jokes until close to the end were still pretty lame and mostly about that stuff doesn’t fit without much energy behind it, so it still wasn’t exactly one of the better segments for the show.

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  • anise_punter says:

    Preview? Thought there was only supposed to be one of these – but extra Kigu never steered anyone the wrong way.