Good Job Club #05 — Santa’s Not Real

February 6th, 2013


It’s hard to believe they really did a segment around that.


Another fairly dull and overly sedate episode. That was always an issue even in the first episodes, but the occasional flashes of energy and manic humor are gradually getting swallowed by the lessening budget. Maybe we should be spending less time and effort on new fullfledged EDs every other episode and more on the episodes themselves. It also didn’t help that the whole first segment about brushing Shion’s hair felt obnoxiously recycled from the second episode with brushing Mao and it never really picked up much from there. I guess him taking temporary charge of his ‘team’ would have been the high point, but when it’s competing against things like "Don’t tell Mao Santa doesn’t exist," the bar’s pretty blood low. The music remains nice enough, but it’s never a good thing when I have the urge to close my eyes and zone out because they’re doing absolutely nothing with the visuals in a visual medium.


Little sisters.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kefit says:

    I for one enjoy this show’s carefully measured sedateness. It probably shouldn’t work, but the directing is so nice and the bgm use so subtle and balanced that it does.

    And holy fucking shit that ED. Good thing it will only be used for two episodes total!

  • Flood says:

    This show is cute, but ridiculously boring and poorly edited. The brushing of the hair…four cuts back and forth that proved…what? Sexual desire? Sexual tension? Split ends? He didn’t even brush her hair.

    Not good comedic direction so far. The timing is not tight enough.

    Comedy is 80% timing, 10% delivery, 6% content, 2% context, and 2% profanity, tits, and pratfalls.

    Dropped unless there is some pick up in energy in future episodes.