Young Justice: Invasion #13 — Reach for a Reach

January 26th, 2013


Now that was disturbing as hell.



The Artemis stuff this week, especially at the start, was just bizarre. She hasn’t really been a part of the show this entire (broken up) season, so I don’t know why they’d spew out an identity crisis for her in the opening minutes then seemingly drop it again having gone nowhere/done nothing. I’ve made no secret about my general dislike of the whole Hello Megan plotline either, and certainly not people getting pissy at Dick of all people for her going around mindraping everyone. Even if they wanted to make us feel bad for her, I expected a lot of it to come more externally, especially after they revealed she was doing it to Connor. Her little mopey green girl act isn’t working on me. Deathstroke made a good enough first showing though. Hopefully he and Black can get a little more facetime beating up the team for a while.

Nor is all the handwaving with GB either for that matter. It’s all just so very forced and far too quick. In about 5 minutes of screen time and some incredibly unconvincing telepathic mumbo jumbo that was more about MM than him, he went from suspected evil to "please mess around with this thing on my back that I suspect if it’s messed around with, it’ll destroy the world." At least he has a creepy smile, which already makes him more amusing than the other Martian ever was. I just hope the scarab-shutdown doesn’t last long. Its desire to bathe everything in plasma made it the most amusing character on the show, not to mention probably the most intelligent.

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  • Twi says:

    For starters, allowing Green Beetle to tamper with his Scarab was a horrible idea if he decided to go traitor or something. That smile did not help. M’gann isn’t exactly renown for going against other martian telepaths successfully unless she’s in her White Martian form.

    Nightwing isn’t very attentive to not have noticed M’gann’s habit of mindraping in the first place and he really should have told the team telepath what was going on since she’s essentially the one person not likely to have a psychic get the information out of her.

    The rest who knew should have told Nightwing about her problems as well, so Conner and BB both are to blame as well.

    Not to mention once Psimon wakes up the mission is scrubbed either way.
    A lot of problems here could have been prevented with more communication.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    I thought I was watching a flashback episode.

    Nope, it was just dull.

  • Dink says:


  • mir says:

    YJ has just been canceled.