Vividred Operation #04 — Excessively Large Beams

January 31st, 2013


There is no overkill. Only "open fire," and "I need to reload."


Unsurprisingly, this covered the introduction of the final member of the Rainbow Brigade, who discovered their creepy little ferret right before they destroyed her school scope or whatever you want to call that thing, but she don’t need no friends yo. A statement that remains valid for less time than it takes to microwave popcorn, not that that stopped them from kicking in the tinkly piano music, sparklies, and blushing when they began grooming her, as bonobo monkeys are wont to do when they find something new to have sex with. Then after she was all but grooming them back, time for a ‘tragic’ unrelated flashback to remind you of what they already all but abandoned. I think my point was originally going to be "The show works better when it’s being deliberately cheesy like it was last week, not attempting to appeal to the emotions." Hopefully they can finally leave the introductory formula behind now too. It’s a bit stale already.

Pretty much the same as usual. No surprises this week. The transformation was well-animated, the ‘fight’ against a giant CG beastie mostly happened conveniently just off screen, and Lesbian Red recruited yet another lesbian into her evergrowing harem. This one could be bisexual though. She was fawning over the ferret at the end once she learned who it was. That could get incredibly creepy incredibly fast. I’m also trying not to wonder about why Lesbian Yellow’s stomach never stopped glowing at the end of her transformation sequence. I suspect that the whole "key into things" is a stronger metaphor than anybody believes and she’s now carrying a clutch of eggs which she’ll lay and then raise into smaller lesbian magic girls. But that’s just me.



Lesbian Black.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    I said no Harem jokes.

    Goddamn you.

  • marvelous stan says:

    …is aroduc a Schlock fan or have the maxims just spread beyond their original context?

  • evy says:

    or maybe power rangers lesbian on it?

  • Flood says:

    Why is it that whenever someone is falling in any Anime show they NEVER hit terminal velocity?

    Why is it they seem to have endless amounts of time to perform complex tasks in a pure free fall from only a couple thousand feet up?

    Why doesn’t any Anime character fall through the sky screaming and shitting themselves because they’re about to hit the earth at 200-mph?

    Just once…be a little scared when falling while wearing a skirt.