The UNLIMITED #04 — Where’s My Sentai Entrance?

January 28th, 2013


These aren’t the Children I remember.

I’m still a tad plague-ridden even after about 14 hours of sleep over the last 24, so yeah. Kinda slow, kinda probably not paying full attention.


Surprisingly solid episode, although I still feel like they’ve stripped a lot of the energy and fun out of the characters. This was especially true with the Children this week, who were all but completely joyless. Not even a trace of their former flair, like the overblown entrances or even the more creative uses and abuses of powers. Trying to teleport a grenade into the enemy’s face to blow their heads off isn’t uh… the Children that I remembered and liked. Fujiko suffered a similar fate for that matter. I really don’t even want to mention the Unlimited crap anymore (yet I will). Seemingly gone is a lot of the creativity in use of powers or new things and just replaced with pulling that out of their asses to do whatever’s needed at the time. In this case, carrying a ship through a portal.

Regardless, it was action packed from start to finish and they did a pretty good job on it, so credit to them for that. A bit vacuous, but nothing wrong with a popcorn episode, especially when your show’s writing is something best ignored anyway. There’s a new (lameish) ED too, but both Youtube and Tinypic are being annoying. You’ll survive.


And then they go baking.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jenanime4eva says:

    Are you feeling ok Aroduc? There seems to be a relatively excessive amount of complimenting from you for this particular episode :P.

  • A-kun says:

    “Kyousuke, you cheater! I didn’t know about the pin!”

    Ahahah that made me lol! Amusing 4th wall breaker!
    I can see all ZKC manga followers replying with “That’s MY line! \(><)/"

    Quite positive we have a chance to see the children again on this series but I'm not holding by breath for it (the "2nd season starting now" + "BUT we need to sell 20'000 copies of this sh#t" combo in the OVA was more than enough to make me rage)

  • Fhoenix says:

    I thought this was a prequel. What are the Children doing there?