Sasami Doesn’t Try #04 — Candid Camera

January 31st, 2013


And aliens. Because why not?


I’m pretty much just in this now for the eyecandy action. They really need to give all the infodumping a rest and let the story move in some way other than Tsurugi lecturing Sasami. This episode sort of tried to split the difference and it didn’t really work. It wasn’t as cheap as episode 2, but still pretty damn cheap, especially the first half where there were not only shots of Tsurugi sitting down from far away, but shots of her sitting down far away on a relatively distant TV. The action was nowhere near the level of either of the other big scenes either. They also overshot the music quite a bit towards the end when her father unveiled himself to have been disguised as an idol and stabbed her arm off. It was doing an okay job until then, at least as far as keeping me conscious during such hilarious bits as "An otaku store? With a little sister section? *gasp!*", but then it got deafening and incredibly obnoxious. Also keeping me awake, but making me want to kill them in the process, so I don’t think you can call that an improvement.


Words, words, words.

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