Sasami Doesn’t Try #03 — Need a Hand?

January 24th, 2013


That’s the only pun I feel up to today.


Much better than last episode, but that’s probably not saying much. I wonder if the entire run is going to bounce back and forth between incredible cheapness and actual effort. A lot of this episode wasn’t particularly stellar either though, but at least there was eyecandy at the end. Sasami herself just doesn’t really interest me much, especially compared to the three sisters, and you know me and 12 minute monologues. Even adding a third hand growing out from the chest doesn’t really change that you’re basically listening to an audio tape with the fairly generic Shaft cuts, framing, CG stairways, etc.

It did get much better around the 13 minute mark though. Not that the exposition wore off, but at least it got a little less infodumpy. And of course, the eyecandy. Probably not quite as good as the first episode’s, but still better than most of what this season’s offered. I wonder if the entire season is going to be split between incredibly cheap episodes and attempts to impress. The show still needs some kind of driving element though if it’s going to try to be this… well, serious probably isn’t the right word, but we can go with it. You can’t spend the entire thing infodumping, although I wouldn’t put it past Shaft to try.



Feet and doors.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Flood says:

    Holy shit…that first video clip you posted has some great animation. Nice “hair in the wind” and excellent editing. Great shading. I’m not watching this show, but that was nice.

  • algorithm says:

    This is the least crappy thing I watched this week. Did Tamako got anused?

    • jingoi says:

      some say the bird makes the show worth a watch, others just want that thing fried so they can overdose on K-ON! moe.

      • algorithm says:

        The animation makes the show worth the watch. It’s nothing but an excuse for the Kyoani animators to go wild.