Problem Children #03 — Inappropriate Things to Do to Cats

January 25th, 2013


Again, not enough bunny/bunny abuse.


Quite boring first half. Things got a little better in the later going, but the lack of budget is still doing a number on things. Maybe now that they’ve got all the basic intros to the characters out of the way, they can pick things up a little bit. It’s also a little unintentionally disturbing that they have a bunch of destitute children cleaning up a gigantic bath for them to lounge around in luxury. Maybe they could share one of Bunny’s many fancy dresses with the children dressed in rags. Not to mention Izayoi is surrounded by females and the only thing he has interest in is the helpless little boy. I’m trying not to read too much into that. Any time the director begins randomly panning around a room to show such exciting things as… the ceiling… or that chair over there… and check out this empty shot of the sky… they’ve pretty much failed the litmus test of "Have I made this scene interesting?"

The episode was mainly centered on Not-Rin Asuka  and Jin… although all she really did was poke the magic tiger in the head with a sword and all he did was be talked at by Izayoi. The animation for these ‘fights’ isn’t getting any better either. I guess it’s slightly interesting, if unsurprising, that her power comes with a number of limits in terms of both interpretation and opponent, but in the same way that finding two M&Ms stuck together is ‘slightly interesting.’ They could have done a whole lot better and more with it than wrapping the tiger up once followed by a slightly off-screen finishing donk to the head.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • lollerman says:

    Man, all that build up, and they end with her pointing a sword into the tiger’s head? Seriously? Lame. And think about it: If her power was taken to the logical extreme, she could call down a hurricane, or an earthquake, simply by ordering the earth or the air.

    And we still haven’t seen what Izayoi is capable of doing.

    Oh well, still hasn’t jumped the shark that Dog Days did, so good enough for me.

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    But… but… I’ve never seen Siamese M&Ms before. Never!

    Also, you could at least praise the episode for its consistency: The presentation was as bland, cheap, uninspired and yawn-inducing as the content. That’s worth something, isn’t it?

  • Flood says:

    I think the script took a hit here.

    I don’t like the subtle manipulation of Jin by Izayoi. Yeah, sure…it’s a confidence building exercise between two guys. I get it, but it seemed like heavy handed manipulation…and, quite frankly, we don’t even know if Izayoi is good or evil yet. He could be a total evil dickhead.

    Action was poor. Another “one hit” resolution. Really? A sword to the head and “BOOM!”, episode over. Come on.

    Episode rating: 3/10