Problem Children #02 — Girls on Large Animals

January 18th, 2013


Needs more rabbit and/or rabbit abuse.

What little interest in Maoyuu that I had remaining was successfully beaten down by this week’s episode being just about as exciting as gruel.


This wasn’t the most inspired episode either though. The waves of exposition continued, and not even small girls manhandling girlhandling large mythical animals and weretigers were really enough to make it exciting. Much of the last third was also concentrated on the animal girl, who is easily the least interesting of the entire lot, and made even less interesting by tossing in flashbacks to the middle of riding a griffon. Because when you’re in a magic world, riding upside down on the back of what is an elephant-sized crossbreed between an eagle and lion, that’s what makes you think of daddy. Freud would have a field day with that. At least it wasn’t to mope and feel sorry for herself in the middle of it, but it was still of the crowbared-in school of attempted character ‘development.’

Hopefully the vamp at the end will step things up a little bit or add a little more direct conflict.  


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • slicedice says:

    Hey my name’s Petah, Petah Griffin.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      I prefer Pavel, Slava, Kiril, Anton or Sandor Griffin as the preferred choice of name.

  • RabbitAbuse says:

    I second more rabbit abuse.

  • Flood says:

    Wait…demon lords? So, we’re fighting Shabranigdo again? Or was he a dark lord? Hmm…

  • Flood says:

    Okay, so we know the three “heroes” weaknesses, right? I haven’t read the source material, so I’m guessing here.

    The Boy: remove his “headphones”, or head piece, and something happens. To obvious? Maybe it unleashes his more massive power or maybe it is his power. Maybe the headphones contain his power so that he doesn’t go out of control and destroy planets, or maybe by removing them, he’s nothing more than a weak snarky wuss with no power at all.

    Either way, something is up with that dorky headpiece of his. It’s not like he’s listening to Creed all day.

    Girl Who Controls By Yelling: Her weakness has to be vampires.

    She’s either a vampire or vampires fuck with her ability to control people. Vampires were mentioned in episode one (and she groaned when she heard that) and a vampire showed up at the end of this episode. So something is up there. If vampires aren’t her weakness, then there is some relationship to them for her … either by blood or psychological (rapped by a vampire, vampires killed her father, etc…).

    The Girl Who Talk With Animals: Obviously, remove the pendant that her father gave her and she folds like a house of cards. If that pendant is all her power, she seems to be the most exposed. The key is to see how she functions without the necklace.


    Painful as it is, we’ll have to slog through a couple episodes for each “hero” losing, and then regaining, their “Gift” … and of course, the dramatic soul searching that goes along with said journey when you’re knocked down to nothing more than a mere mortal working at Taco Bell.

    It’ll make them stronger, they’ll appreciate life more, their friends, and pizza, and so on.

    I like this show so far. Best of the batch this season. It’s top on my list, but I hope they skip the soul searching aspects of common mortality. I already do that enough.

  • Scott says:

    Can’t the girl who gives orders just order every magic animal they come across to be friends with the other girl and make her into an omnipotent being? Some of the animals appear to actually be gods.