Ixion Saga DT #13 — A Girl’s Fragile Heart

January 6th, 2013


Why wasn’t she introduced 10 episodes ago?


Miranda’s probably the best thing to happen to this show since the dragon boots in episode 1. I look forward to never seeing her again. Overly melodramatic, carrying a full armament, prone to massive delusions, obsessive, accidentally homicidal, and occasionally purposefully homicidal. I don’t know that she’s enough to redeem the show at this point, but she does add a fair bit of badly needed violence. That always helps. Some of her delusions weren’t bad, but they could’ve used a bit more to really overplay them instead of just being references to random girly stuff/situations/art styles. Use the reference to make a joke. Don’t let the reference BE the joke.

Oh, and Kon survived. He hid with the mirror. Whoopie. I’m so glad that we spent two weeks pretending otherwise. Like Marian’s breasts, it’s better left ignored.


Great. An episode around the damn pet.

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    Kobayashi Yuu saves the day. But what about tomorrow?