The Monster Next to Me #12 — Revenge of the Sparklies

December 17th, 2012


If there’s nothing going on, throw in more sparklies!


And with a generic space filling Natsume episode in th eleventh hour, that pretty much confirms that the show’s not going to end next week so much as simply stop being made. I really was expecting some kind of big dramatic nonsense that’d make them affirm their relationship or something. Some kind of excuse… any kind of excuse to give whatever their last stairway confession of their feelings will be some semblance and illusion of finality next week. Instead, there was a montage. And twenty minutes of Sidecharacter McHasn’tBeenRelevantSinceHer’Arc’NineEpisodesAgo musing to herself. Fangoddamntastic use of time.

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One Lonely Comment

  • icymirage says:

    Damn those Banasonic recorders are so hard to operate.

    I enjoy the episodes like this were they do random stuff rather than the rewinds with the relationship.