The Aesthetics of Open Bath Warfare

December 26th, 2012


Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

That’s a little more like it. A bit plain, sure, but at least better than the exploding fountains of urine from last time. And a good excuse for something to post on a slow week.

The winter preview will be up Friday. Maybe early. Maybe in the evening. Maybe Saturday. I got kind of behind again because I really wanted to get to a good stopping point in other things on my plate. Which I didn’t, of course, but at least I got to -astopping point. All that’s really left is gathering sprites and making sure I got all the CM/PVs and/or organizing them and whatnot, which does take a lot more time than just the boring copy/pasting links and summarizing two dozen generic website/wikipedia blurbs, but I’m not spending distracted evenings trying to figure out what language katakana is mangling anymore. At least for the next couple days. The season doesn’t really kick off until the 4th anyway.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    why japan can’t find the middle point between asexual MCs and borderline rapists?

  • algorithm says:

    You must really love this show. I like Warioland games.

  • jingoi says:

    so…they show yuzuha’s ass once and then censor her for any other ecchi scene. Yup, hyakka ryouran’s yukimura is screwed.

    • DmonHiro says:

      To be fair, she seems like the only one genre savvy enough to know what NOT to do when Akatsuki is around.

  • Yue says:

    You may have missed one spot. An edit layer must have moved hence the censor missed it mark.

    A guy can only dream to be in this scenario. Reality is harsh. ~_~

  • scy says:

    looking at all pics of it indeed “bad end” for miu, green kana hana, & lesbian female cause here come “BOSS” finish them.

  • Anonymous says:

    what anime is this from?