Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Underwear

December 14th, 2012


This is as probably about as good as it gets.


Not that it was good mind you, but it was easily one of the stronger episodes of this show, right behind that one where they spent most of it naked and rubbing each other. It still had all the usual issues, in particular the slavish devotion to the post-it note in the writer’s room saying "make sure you go through every single character in turn every time you think of something that might be even the slightest bit amusing." Plus there was also that simply moronic flashback out of literally nowhere. Who knew that wandering around commando in the forest would bring out childhood issues? And then Doofus got a face full of urine, although from the size of the stream and the color, that baby needs serious medical help. If only every flashback was followed by that, we might be able to stem the plague. Or maybe that’s why they all have such an aversion to sex. Japanese babies are immobile urine cannons.

And to think I was considering talking about all the different linebreaking problems I’ve encountered in translating games instead of that. You’d think there’d be only so many different problems with drawing a bloody text box, and yet I am somehow still managing to find new ones as part of the curse that makes every one of my projects crippled technically in some way. Except GAML for some reason. The one game that had zero technical problems whatsoever. It even resolved some of the ones from GA. Truly those were the halcyon days. Maybe for my next project, I can do a game that I doubt anybody can play so everyone can enjoy the ‘fun.’

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    “it was easily one of the stronger episodes of this show”

    As you can see by the lenght of this review.

  • The Phantom says:

    This show has like the best original plot ever: Average guy lives in the same house with 5 girls…..

    that’s it >.>

    O yea one of them is his sister…. <.< hummm end of the plot <.<