Milky Holmes Alternative #02 — Air Craft Fans and Children

December 31st, 2012


It’s hard to tell which the team is.

FYI, there was a pretty extensive Da Capo 3 pre-airing special. While most of it was centered around the series’s history and the previous iterations, there was probably at least 5-10 minutes of actual preview stuff from the new one as opposed to the usual: staff and cast talking about how great the show is while holding half finished art. I think at least. I just flipped through. And no, I am not watching nor covering the 2 hour (well, 1.4 hours with commercial breaks) *monogatari thing.


And whatever happy feelings I had for this series after the first season continue to be bludgeoned into submission. This managed to be even worse than the first Opera-world episode. Actually, I can’t say that for certain because I honestly only vaguely remember it, but I’m basing that on the flashbacks this time of mass freezing and a female antagonist that got shot in the head. You’d think replacing that a rakish man in an eyepatch would help, but all he did was spew exposition and threaten to shoot them with his finger. Instead, he shot the ceiling and then just walked out of the room while they all stood there stunned. Oh, and his plan essentially boiled down to biobombing a children’s amusement park. Good god. I don’t expect Jack Bauer to be solving the mystery of the ghost at Old Man Murphy’s circus, and I don’t expect this bunch of yahoos to be the last line of defense against biological terrorism.

At least it was hilariously merchandisingtastic when they all pulled out their little PSPs to crimesolve. When product placement is the high point of your OVA, you need to start rethinking things.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Not blogging *monogatari? But where will I go to hear about how a little girl shaking her butt at the camera while eating a box of donuts like a dog is _totally_ witty and take that society, we’re flouting your norms.

    And where will I go to read how Shinbo’s experimental technique that he’s been using for six years is totally artsy and I just don’t get it because I’m part of the establishment, man. (seriously, f*** that guy)

    I mean sure, I could go to every other anime blog out there to read about that, but nobody else does Milky Holmes.

    • moridin84 says:

      While I approve of SHAFT hate, I’m not sure if ‘doing Milk Holmes’ is a good thing.

  • The Phantom says:

    Why not review Nekomonogatari? is not like it can be any worse than your usual reviews xD.

    I had fun watching the neko slice in two the lame male lead… twice.

  • Keith Kurogane says:

    Milky Homes with a main male protagonist?!
    Going to watch this.