Ixion Saga DT #09 — Meanwhile, in the Peanut Gallery…

December 2nd, 2012


I don’t think I know a single one of these characters’ names.


Fantastic. An episode where tertiary characters sit around, get drunk, and do schtick. I only assume that they’re drunk becase they spend the whole thing with their faces flushed. They could just be blushing from drinking lots of ‘grape’ juice. It may have been funnier if they weren’t, especially towards the end when their imagined partnerings just flat out turned them into women. The jokes weren’t even particularly good and already outdone by the ED anyway, so… uh… yeah. The only thing of note to happen otherwise is that No-Balls got a new magic sword. Hoo-rah.


Withdrawal symptoms.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jack says:

    First time caller, long time listener…

    This show, Ixion Saga DT, in a thin tangential way, is similar to the first season of Sword Art Online (“trapped in a game”, et al). Now, Sword Art Online (SAO) has its own flaws and the second season is a godless, brother/sister emotional bore, but I have forgotten why you aren’t reviewing SAO.

    It seems to me that SAO,even with its flaws, is a tad better than Ixion Saga DT. What was your original reason for not review it?


  • Gorilla13 says:

    So, uh, is blondie a dude, a girl, or both? I don’t know how to differentiate gender in animu anymore…