Hidamari Sketch xHC #11 — Revenge of the Side Characters

December 13th, 2012


I don’t even know if I’m supposed to know some of these peoples’ names.

FYI, all the TBS/MBS Thursday shows (ie, everything I’m covering) are delayed half an hour both this week and next.


I’m not even sure they said Yoshinoya’s brother’s name. I tend to sort of drift in and out anyway. And the pointless moment of the episode that made my eyebrow twitch was when they started ruminating how it was appropriate for her nephew to call him "aunt." Yes, I know the ‘hilarity’ of Japanese and middle aged women not wanting to be called ‘oba-san,’ but this wasn’t even her. This was them ruminating on it after the fact. I… I don’t even know what to call that.

The second half was a Christmas party with Natsume. And… uh… it was a Natsume sequence, same as every other one. She blushed whenever Sae did anything, looked shy and awkward otherwise, nothing new or special here. They… uh… ate cake and sweets? Miyako double fisted bananas? The sweaters weren’t even tight enough to be real sweaters either. It wasn’t a bad episode, or at least not as completely bland as most of this season has been, but I think I’ve pretty much checked out here.


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