Yada Yada Love Brother #07 — At Least It Didn’t Rain

November 19th, 2012


Beginning with close-ups of a tiny girl’s panties still never bodes well.


With the introduction of a new character, that means that it’s time to trot out all the hilarious misunderstanding jokes again! What joy! Well, I’d be more annoyed if it wasn’t also a temporary reprieve from the neverending press of existential angst that has plagued this show for the last month and a half. It was still far from good and far from showing any but the occasional hint of the creativity and energy of the first episode. All that plus going to a bath and a generic/pointless montage too! Plus Dumbass continuing to be stupider than a sack of lobotomized bricks.

Them even trying to sell any kind of triangle with Aoyama is pretty insuting too. Hell, even a love line between Dumbass and Brainless is pressing it. …Although so is a love point between Dumbass and himself. I can only imagine the screaming and confusing when his testicles finally descend and he gets his first erection. Um, what was my point again? Oh yes, I particularly ‘liked’ how Aoyama screamed her bloody head off when she tripped on the stairs yet they deliberately showed multiple people walking past at the same time completely ignoring her. Not even a glance at the shrieking woman two feet away from them, eh?

And then his sister leaves again, nothing having happen and served as only an excuse to recycle the worst of the show’s jokes. Huzzah.


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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    I say 15-20 years until they try to change the formula.

    • Kaisos says:

      They’ll change it when it stops selling, which might take even longer than that, if the current otaku crowd keeps buying.

  • icymirage says:

    How did she get a license!?

  • ark noir says:

    Benigmatica wins! Perfect! Though you do need to clarify who ‘Mr Driver’is?

    Sad truth is that the only way forward for anime industury to make moolah is to find more depraved genres. Paedo and incest is becoming so noughties though the Rainman routine of shina is definiety definiety strange?


    who else doesn’t wear pants?