Yada Yada Badger Love #06 — ¡Viva la Revolución!

November 9th, 2012


I doubt Che would approve.


Oh, are we still doing the "Editor thinks that he’s in love with his sister" joke? I thought we had run that one into the ground already. Oh wait, we had. Well, that’s a good half of the episode spent repeating it. Not even the parody things at the start were amusing. Come on, Silver Link. You’ve got to overplay the parody to make it an actual joke. At least Stupidface was teasing her a little bit, which may as well be the most personality he’s shown in a long time. Of course, the second half began with him apparently literally sleeping through the start since he just sat there with his head down and eyes closed the entire time.

The second half was a bit better though, even if utterly mundane. They separated the siblings by… moving one into a slightly further room. Thrilling. Akiko’s shirts and various other accoutrements were more amusing than anything else in the episode, although the ‘Sister’ Dragonball gi was pushing it on the levels of fashion sense. The Che Guevara shirt with her face and a beard and Yes/Yes pillow at least made me chuckle though, more than I can say for most episodes. I look forward to seeing no jokes like that for another month again now.

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  • longhaul says:

    I see the actual little sister arrived.