Total Eclipse #19 — Alaskan Hot Springs

November 11th, 2012


At least this episode was so bad that it made me laugh.


Which is more than I can say for a lot of the comedies this season. Seriously? A hot springs episode? Weren’t we supposed to be fighting some kind of practice combat thing and/or dick waving with the Americans? Not that the speedos prevent that, but it’s impossible to take any of this seriously when these same characters spend most of an episode grumping around about having to see half naked girls and/or playing comical beefcake guard against the peepers of the bunch.

So yeah, everyone marches off into the forest, finds a hot spring, and then has an impromptu group bath and mutual naked time? Luckily, pretty much everyone packed swim suits and string bikinis for their trip into the Alaskan hinterlands. Except the Japanese girl heroines, of course. Lesbians having lesbian fantasies, mentally-stuntend Russianss running around naked and/or rubbing themselves against Yuuya, Chinese harems flouncing about cooking death mapotofu, Yuuya wondering in abject confusion about the strange big boy feelings he got from touching Crysa’s breasts, you know… the usual. In brief, no, this was not a good episode. It was just something to fill twenty minutes with some half-assed T&A. But at least it was so horrible that it was still kind of amusing. I’ll take notable but horrible over boring and bland any day of the week.


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    “At least this episode was so bad that it made me laugh.”

    It really was bad. In a funny sort of way. In fact it’s easier to watch 20 minutes of Muv Luv QUALITY full of retardation than most of Hyouka.

  • Gorilla13 says:

    Another ep wasted on nothing. What about saving the world?

  • Tiresias says:

    this is pretty much stating the obvious now, but this series has way too much “wacky” harem hijinks sessions and too few war story – even worse than Macross Frontier (which is saying something). Whatever happens to humanity being on the brink of extinction again?

    Also, this is eps.19 already, and next week pits our gallant heroes against…fellow humans? Is there enough episodes left to pit them against the BETA?