Suggestive T-Shirts Inc #07 — Sister Off

November 16th, 2012


There weren’t even that many of those this time.


Good god. She was literally nothing but a prop for the entire first six minutes. Which were all characters talking about her. That’s right. A quarter of the episode was spent centering on her before she had a plural number of lines. She’s not a silent character or anything. She’s just a goddamned prop to let Akiko bitch on the ‘rightful sister’ side of things in addition to the ‘rightful girlfriend.’ And since it’d be a pain in the ass to do anything at this point, all the rest of the characters treat her about the same as they would a new toaster, except with possibly less excitement. And less toast. Oh, and Akiko bitches about the girlfriend thing too because let’s toss in an utterly nonsensical fiancee angle too why not.

So no. She did not add any new jokes, any new angles, excuses for fanservice, or anything of even vague interest. For the first 18 or so minutes of the episode, she had only slightly more presence than the obligatory XY a chair, which is not how you successfully introduce a new character.


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