Sanka Rea #14 — Masturbation Fantasies

November 11th, 2012


I’m a little confused as to how she didn’t drown.


This was… uh… something. We begin with Rea’s stepmother going about her daily life that she hates, flirting with chauffeurs, castrating business men, harassing maids, until she begins masturbating in the bath. Cut to OP and a mysterious girl appearing with the real cast with clothes designed after a cicada, repeated attempts to murder Rea and/or steal Cathead’s attention/poison the family against her. After chasing her into a graveyard where they realize that she’s some kind of projection of her stepmother and she erupts with THE POWER, both Rea and her stepmom ‘wake up’ together from this bizarre shared dream. Remember that the latter had this dream while masturbating in a tub.

So, no. It was not the most sensical thing, but it was still nice to be reminded of something where the director puts a little bit of actual effort and style. Actual use of color, shading, and framing without everything being blue or random skateboarding! Music that fits the scenes with the proper tone without overwhelming them! It’s a Veteran’s Day miracle. It even looked a bit better than I remembered the show in general. It all being just a dream was still a moronic screw though, especially in a series that struggled to have anything happen at all week to week when it was actually airing.


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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    So at the end of the OVA, nothing really happened.

    Not like the series went anywhere beyond she-died-became-a-zombie-and-lives-with-him, but still…