Sakurasou’s Pet Girl #05 — Wet T Shirt Contest

November 5th, 2012


Nobody won.


Well, at least the melodrama gets a short rest this week. They’re still using the exact same jokes as they’ve been using since episode one for everything that Aoyama is involved in though. Misunderstandings are always hilarious, right? Especially the exact same ones week after week after week after week after week. And then her panties literally fall right into his hands when he walks into her room? HILARIOUS. Such wit has ne’er been seen on this mortal plane before. At least bring back the energy from the first episode. And no, shouting does not equal energy.

Anyway, Aoyama moves in and tries to temporarily take over Shiina’s care/training, montage and all. I say montage, but it was literally only three events, nuking a melon, looking in on her staring at a computer screen from three inches away, and waking her up/brushing teeth in the morning. This show even half-asses its montages.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • EXM says:

    So how many more episodes of punishment are you going to put yourself through aroduc? I’m surprised you got through the episode.

  • alltheway says:

    I’m even more surprised that he is bloging this instead of the usual crap he is bloging.

  • moridin84 says:

    Four, you forgot about the shower part

  • Anonymous says:

    >And no, shouting does not equal energy.

    Indeed, shouting is a terrible way to transfer energy. They should try using their bodies to transfer heat via fierce thermal interaction!