Lupin III ~The Book of Marco Polo~ — Goemon’s Harem Antics

November 10th, 2012


Technically "Another Page" should be in there too, but I’m not keeping count.

FYI, Werk has decided to supplement their torrent of Im@s pornography with a return to game making and plan to either have a demo or at least a movie ready for winter Comiket. Unfortunately, it’s another action game instead of an SRPG. Just make your damn April Fool’s Magical Girl Wars already, you jerks. Hopefully this one will have a little more substance than their last one. 
And no, I have no idea why Seizon hasn’t popped up yet today. Vanished into the gulf of the internet apparently. I’m half tempted to just grab some screens from/translate a Japanese blog post on it just to say it’s done.


I was originally going to say that this was an improvement over the atrocious last special since it didn’t reduce Lupin to the sidekick for a little girl, but considering how bloody boring and badly made it was, I don’t think I can say that. At least Mermaid made me feel something besides bored. Perhaps the whole thing shouldn’t have been padded out with probably close to 30 damn minutes of Goemon having HI-LARIOUS harem antics. See, he went into the bath… and a girl was in there already! And then she threw stuff at him! And how did she or the rest of his pseudo-harem work into the rest of the special? They didn’t! Ha HA! Pointless padding. I guess without it, Goemon wouldn’t have been able to cut a satellite in literally the last post-ED seconds. Amazing what an erection can do for a swordsman, isn’t it?

The best that I can really say is that the terrible art and animation made me laugh a few times with how bad they were. The core Lupin series has never really looked that good, but the amount of cross-eyed gazes, wandering eyes, and distorted faces, not to mention long segments of nothing but talking heads and ‘action’ segments that were mostly speedlines or ridiculously cycling animation were painful. Of special note was when Jigen hopped off a roof and continued his running animation cycle for a good 3-4 seconds as he fell. Even the obligatory Girl of the Special, was nothing but a device for dumping exposition or pulling out plot devices in order to move things along. It was also pretty moronic to hang her climax on the reveal that he was Lupin considering that she was the only named character in the entire thing who thought he did it.

So no, it is not worth an hour and a half of your time. Go read a book.


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