Hidamari Sketch xHC #09 — The Game of Life

November 29th, 2012


I’m pretty sure life doesn’t start and end at dorm apartments.


I guess this episode was better than most this season, Yoshinoya only appearing in one eyecatch notwithstanding, but that’s not setting the bar particularly high. Life is pretty low hanging fruit as far as parody goes and in true Hidamari fashion it took nearly half the episode before they even had the damn thing set up and started playing. They also weren’t really trying very hard with it either, basically just acting out the event squares. I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone had played SNES Monopoly with little ‘comical’ animations for each card, and then they decided to make an entire epsode out of stretching each one of those out.

There was one really confusing part though. They showed the pieces a few times, and their cars had both blue and pink pieces in them. That would seem to indicate that the characters were aware of males and their role in the reproductive process which this show has never shown any previous indication of whatsoever. Then again, Sae was the only one who chose a blue piece for herself, so… draw your own conclusions there.

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