Hidamari Sketch xHC #06 — Target: Little Girl

November 8th, 2012


That can’t be taken the wrong way.


If you consider the baths on a "how many people have we seen bathing each episode", then this season is firmly remaining over two average per episode. You’d also think that for a segment centering on Hiro with a healthy amount of Yoshinoya, there’d be a lot more breast fat in it and a lot less random nonsensical melodrama. Especially for something beginning with them in bed together. You’d be wrong though. I don’t think Yoshinoya even squeaked once, calling into question whether or not that was even her. No costume or anything either. What the hell?

So yeah, first half was just kind of random generic time filler and the second was all Hiro being insecure for absolutely no reason, and not in the humorous way. At least it only lasted 10 minutes, although that certainly didn’t help support it as anything people should actually care about. You can’t have your characters just announce how they feel and expect it to take, although from the proliferance of that in Japanese media, I wonder sometimes. I have the feeling that Shinbo had his grubby hands all over this episode anyway, especially with the couple random neck breaking shots tossed in out of nowhere. Yes, it is a Shaft show. That’s for those obtrusive and obnoxious reminders.




The War of the Roses.

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