Hidamari Sketch xHC #05 — An Episode Without Yoshinoya

November 1st, 2012


Which makes the merit of watching it questionable.


When an episode begins with Nazuna, that’s basically a red flag. And going on from there to Nori and Sae? Oh bloody boy. And they still had more baths than usual since they had to fit one in for each of the vestigial humorless personalityless things. Half of Nori’s ‘character’ is "owns a computer" for god’s sake. Nazuna has even less going for her plus an annoying voice to boot. So no, they are not my favorite characters. I also like their dedication to wasting time through the opening part. -knock knock- "Oh? What’s that voice?" -walk walk walk- "Nazuna, hello." "Hello." "Yuno, Miyako, hello." "What’s up, bitch?" Good god. You know how you convey the same information in a fraction of the time? Do nothing. Anyway, the obnoxious creatures arents come to visit so they fail to teach it to cook human food. Then for the second half last six minutes, Nori and Sae hang out in insomniaville.

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