Fourteen Sick #09 — Sex Ed

November 28th, 2012


I miss the overanimated fights.


When the first words of this episode were "school festival," I made a noise probably more fitting to Frankenstein Meets Scooby Doo. To be fair, that could also partially be the pinched nerve in my neck. And they did kind of completely ignore it mostly after that, although that just pushes it off to another episode. The first half was still exceedingly dull though and only raised some questions about either how little his family must care about him to not investigate when he begins screaming in his room, or how often it must happen. Also, not really specific to this show, but Japan really needs to learn that there’s pornography on the internet. This "finding magazines under the bed" cliche is something from the bloody 80s that just refuses to die. Like zombie disco. I’m also a little confused how baldy’s hair grew back so quickly. Maybe it’s a wig.

Around the start of the second half, they jumped back on the "the emotionally stunted little girl has a crush on a chunk of balsa wood" train with a vengeance. I was going to compliment them for using it as mostly an excuse for some new jokes and giving Nibutani some non-abhorrent screentime not relating to torturing Dekamori while also ‘subtly’ showing the two males dancing around together in class, making it decisive why they have no interest in females. Alas, it had to ruin that by only lasting about 3 scenes before it tried to go back to the bad melodrama by tossing one of them off a roof. The heart of butterflies also came very close to drawing another unearthly groan out of me. The ridiculously corny camera spin that it ended on certainly did though.


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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Meowing Kitty of Death says:

    Meow meow meow…….
    Rikka x Yuuta…….:3

  • Yeah says:

    Rikka x Yuuta all the way.

  • Jin says:

    They’ve handled Shinka’s development pretty poorly. I get what they were going for, the others “growing” on her. But there was no transition. She’s a complete cunt to everyone until this episode, where she suddenly cares about Rikka and wants to help her get with Yuuta.

    Not that she still wasn’t being a smug bitch mind you. But still, her motivation for wanting to hook them up is nonexistent. I’m just going to assume its her egotism. She saw what was going to eventually happen, and decided to speed things along, because she believes she knows best.

    • Aroduc says:

      I’m happy to stick with “anything that makes her less wholly abhorrent is a step forward.” Everything else in the show has been lurching in and out of character traits and what can only be charitably be called “development” in more or less the same way.

      But yes. Her change was not well executed so much as her character was just rewritten.

    • Dr. Dust Cell says:

      Her motivation is because she is a teenage girl.

  • jingoi says:

    If they drop the damn romance then I could watch this (and many others) but that won’t happen while I still give a shit about anime.

  • The Phantom says:

    The romance is unbelievable and pporly handled anyway, this show is boring without the ridiculous fights and is not worth my time.

  • TMH says:

    Really, with a title like “I Suffer Eigth-Grader Delusions, but I Still Want to Love” (translation=mine, far as I’m aware), I’d be surprised if there wasn’t any romance in this show…

  • really??? says:

    I don’t get it.
    This show is really great. The chacters are not rally flat like in many other 1 cour shows, it has a sweet lovestory that is gradually developing, comedy and the drama is neither forced nor overdramatized. It has everything for a great show and the absolute majority of the anime fandom seems to like it, but not here. It’s just the usual nitpicking and complaining for complainings sake.

  • arknoir says:

    My feelings on the show is that I hope for Nibutani to show that the delusional fighting of this show is somewhat real by flinging her giant hairpin at the cast and seeing if it takes anyone out anyone and returns to her. Don’t need CG for that special move.