Fourteen Sick #06 — The Coolest Number

November 7th, 2012


But I wanted to make a Three Dog Night joke.


I think KyoAni’s artists are starting to chomp at the bit without anything particularly ambitious to animate in these past few episodes. Can’t overdraw the school stuff or they’d have to do it all the time, so uh… here’s the most goddamned detailed train tracks and road in the world! Why? Who knows! I mean it’s not like the show ever looks ugly, but just suddenly WHAM, we go from relatively plain backgrounds (which are fine since they don’t distract from the foreground) to what can only be described as a jungle of stuff all over the screen. There was some off-kilter stuff elsewhere too, like weird camera pans and excessive overreactions + speedlines (the most hilarious of all punchlines!) that haven’t really been this show’s bread and butter. I can’t say they were an improvement, but hey, at least they were something different. There was also a bassoon, and you know how I don’t trust them or their kind. Goddamned double reeds. They’re a sin against humanity.

Uh, anyway, mostly centered around the noisy male sidekick, another thing that I always enjoy about as much as a trip to the dentist. That said, it turned out better than most of these sidekick things go. The love letter thing was a bit… awkward though. You’d expect at least some kind of bad punchline ending to it but there was nothing. Just literally nothing. At least the whole thing made Blandy McMaincharacter a little more standable this week instead of his usual role of damp rag.

Also, bit of a sidenote KyoAni. When you have your male character lying on a bed with his hands over his crotch and twitching, it’s probably best to not have him holding a black thing against a black background.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This episode did seem to have higher production values for some odd reason.

  • algorithm says:

    That’s probably the minimum effort a review deserved. Anything less is not worth it.