Blah Blah Love Brother #05 — Inappropriate Working Relationships

November 2nd, 2012




Back to boring blandness with such hilarious jokes as "What if we call you ‘darling?’" "You can’t do that!!" I long for the sophisticated humor of Thursday’s shows already. And that is how we spent the first segment. "Let’s give a nickname to this inanimate object." You’d think they’d at least be able to pick nicknames better than vibrator nicknames. Papa Smurf, The Tickler, and Sandra Day O’Connor are all better than anything they came up with. 

Anyway, the second segment had his editor try to seduce him to find out if he could only get it up for his sister while he stood there with all the presence and dignity of a stripper pole through the entire thing. Lastly, Red locked herself in a storehouse with him, where he finally showed a little personality… by screaming and running in terror. Fantastic. Akiko’s cuteness was about the only thing the show got right early on. With her being elbowed out completely, the only thing left really is Anastasia’s occasional decent remark, and an episode with barely any of of her either leaves nada.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kitsu says:

    Aroduc, are you enjoy self-insert in this character?
    Since the pv you know will be suck, it will be better you take btoom, a last have crazy stuff every week

    • algorithm says:

      Even the Kyoanifag is right on this one. Anything else is better than this uninspired shitfest.

  • jingoi says:

    This could be a little better if they would make the MC gay. At the end of the series piss off the otaku by having all the girls finally realize that MC likes twig n’ berries so they jump off a skyscraper and tease the fujoshi by having MC and his love interest almost do it then fade to black to a purchase the (H?)-OVA ad.

  • shadow says:

    then all girls love the boy, it is revolution in the anime and manga.

  • Shou says:

    Ok, a hot redhead wants to have sex with you, and you run away like an idiot… Glorious main character.