Yada Yada Love Brother #01 — Suggestive T-Shirts

October 5th, 2012


At least she’s overt.


Meh. It wasn’t as insultingly bad as last season’s obligatory "I want to jump my brother’s bones" show, but it didn’t really replace the terribleness with much of anything. It’s not particularly creative or funny, there’s nothing interesting going on with the visuals or direction, nada. The BGM is often pleasant enough, I guess. I’m not sure why Silver Link censored a breast either. Since this is on AT-X, home of Queen’s Blade and sex with land-octopi, we know they didn’t do it. There are copious obnoxiously obvious shots of thighs and cleavage, but it’s not particularly titillating otherwise. A few suggestive t-shirts aren’t going to cut it.

So no, not a particularly good first episode. It seemed like it was trying to take the route of a certain other Sex-With-My-Brother show starring mostly noodle people, but unlike it, wasn’t overplaying the obsession of Akiko enough to actually turn it into genuine jokes. "I love my brother" isn’t a joke. Her brother playing the straight man and just smiling sheepishly to everything she and the rest of his harem did was’t helping sell any of the ‘jokes’ either. Not that they were even any good. "We did this when we were really young. EEEEH!? We’re not doing it anymore!?" Wash, rinse, repeat. Do something out to actually distinguish yourself from the pack. I’d prefer ramping up the comedy myself, but just do something.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kitsu says:

    They are twins with no blood relate,how this posible?

  • NightShadow2239 says:


    Looks like someone was sporting some serious padding.

  • jingoi says:

    Yay, more notReallyIncestButBoringPseudoHaremRomance shows! Time for editing!
    Someone on Gfaqs called this brotherf**ker.

  • tylon says:

    Akiko’s parent manage to cover all the relevant documents and bribe the personals in the hospital to accomplish this deed. Furthermore, they had name the “twins” with the same kanji; Aki. Thus, this will reduce the chances of other people to probe into their identity. Luckily, the “twins” shares several similar features such as their blood type, size, hair color and their eyes color. Only a handful of people knows this secret.

    In actual fact, Akito is a Siscon who love to torment his sister (sadistic). He knows the secret that he is not from the family of Himenokouji since a very youth age.

  • FREE-KLAC-ZING says:

    well after seeing yea if sister want to marry her own brother in your fantasy dream give deal 3 other girls give all there in same student council & living in same house?

    sure let see how will all end up?

  • Gorilla13 says:

    If they want a good wincest, better adapt Rika or Yubisaki Milk Tea.