Welcome to Godhood #01 — The Gods Must Be Deaf

October 1st, 2012


Shut! Up!

Belated Edit: Yes, I am aware of the pun in the title. *shrug*


And here we have the exact opposite problem. I feel exhausted after watching this episode. There is only so long that the human mind can endure screaming children and this show had surpassed that point about ten minutes in yet just would not let up. What it rarely has in terms of wit or humor it tries to make up for by screaming at the top of its lungs. There were more than a couple decent gags in there, but good lord. I feel like my brain was assaulted by two chirping imps for the last twenty minutes. My ears are still ringing.

Anyway, production’s surprisingly decent. The relatively bland art does keep it from being too impressive, but the animation itself is solid. The constant barrage of flashing lights and screaming is still a bit overwhelming though. Neither Nanami and Tomoe were particularly interesting either and wasted little time slotting themselves into the standard cliches, right down to screaming about the sanctity of their lips over their lives. And drowned out by the shrieking minions regardless. Nanami’s permanent blush also somewhat disturbs me. Almost every shot of her looks like she was just slapped in the face.

So I don’t know really. While the other show was so morose that it often became dull, this was so shrill and aggressive that it was often annoying instead, which leaves a much worse taste in my mouth. If we could find a way to interbreed the two shows… or maybe just put them both into a blender and then harvest whatever bloody mess comes out…


On with the pretty boys.

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  • Anonymous says:

    how will you have children if you can’t stand some screaming?