The Monster Next To Me #05 — Inexplicable Colds

October 29th, 2012


What? A Japanese cold that doesn’t nearly kill you? And spontaneously instead of getting wet?


Although I’m not entirely certain why it is important to establish that she’s sick either. When you go out of your way in a story to do something or point something out, it’s generally because that thing will have a point. I can only say generally because of the amount of awful writers in the world, especially working in anime. Any point has yet to surface for Natsume’s sickness, which makes it just mystifying.

Anyway, that minor mystery of the episode aside, not a terribly exciting episode, but better than last week’s. We’re drifting a bit further away from the humor and into bad melodrama territory. It’s still there, but much less than before and neither Haru’s brother nor Bullied-Girl-Whose-Name-I’ve-Yet-To-Remember are particularly interesting or amusing characters and the episode was mainly focused around Shizu/Haru having random encounters with them respectively. The latter was better than the former being more of the "at least trying to be amusing" variety and less of the "let me spew out some exposition out of nowhere and call that character development for someone else."

And then everyone was a samurai.

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  • Gorilla13 says:

    I’d her glasses if you know what I mean…

  • “And then everyone was a samurai.”

    Sasayan was clearly a ninja.